Do I Need Psychotherapy or Coaching? - Mother Zen & Gillian Reid
Gillian Reid & Mother Zen provides integrative psychotherapy combining mindfulness, holistic nutrition and talk therapy. We help women who have experienced maternal mental health challenges have healthy motherhood journeys so they can deeply connect with their babies and rise to their full mother potential.
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Do I Need Psychotherapy or Coaching?

Do I Need Psychotherapy or Coaching?

Imagine you drive the same road to work every day. It’s the only road that goes there. On the road there is a giant pothole. Every day, you hit that pothole. Sometimes it isn’t that bad but other times you hit it really hard and it does damage. Just thinking about it is a lot to deal with.

That pothole is a metaphor for something in your life that gets in the way and repeatedly causes you pain. No matter how hard you try, you just cannot escape it. These psychological places of pain and struggle are a result of things that have happened to you in the past. Your story.

With psychotherapy, the therapist drives to work with you next time. We pull the car over at that pothole and get out together. We shine a light in it and brace for what might be uncovered. Then, the therapist helps you fix the pothole. It may take time, depending on how deep it is, but slowly and surely, it gets repaired. The road is now stronger in that spot. You also know how to repair other potholes you encounter forever. You can think about it now and it doesn’t bother you.

With coaching, the coach also drives to work with you next time. When the pothole appears, the coach helps you steer your car around the hole. The coach is not worried about what caused the hole, what’s in it, or fixing it, but is focused on you getting to work in once piece. Every day you will still drive by that pothole, but you will be able to go around it. You will still notice it and won’t want to think about it depending on the size and the damage it caused, but you will not get stuck in it again.

So, it depends on what your goal is. If you want to simply move forward and get on with life, coaching may be for you. If you want to heal old wounds and rise strong, psychotherapy is your choice. 


At GROW, we choose healing and resilience. We believe this is the way you truly overcome things that have been holding you back so you can experience lasting health and happiness.


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