Feeling Overwhelmed right now? [My top tips to not be] - Mother Zen & Gillian Reid
Gillian Reid & Mother Zen provides integrative psychotherapy combining mindfulness, holistic nutrition and talk therapy. We help women who have experienced maternal mental health challenges have healthy motherhood journeys so they can deeply connect with their babies and rise to their full mother potential.
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Feeling Overwhelmed right now? [My top tips to not be]

Feeling Overwhelmed right now? [My top tips to not be]

Sometimes life just gets away from us. We finally get ourselves into a groove and feel like we are starting to get rested and enjoy life and then all of a sudden we have taken on more projects, our child has more classes and things she is scheduled for, husband gets sick and then all of a sudden we are running around like a chicken with our head cut off wondering how it got to this point.

Does that sound familiar?

The thing is that I try VERY HARD to not live like this. One of my core values….one of the things I want my life to be like…is not so busy that I’m overwhelmed.

I spent so much of the first half of my life being so busy that it caused me anxiety, insomnia and trips to the hospital with stomach pain that I decided I’m not going to live my life like that.

And I’m not going to teach my daughter that living in chaos is normal.

I want her to feel peace. I want her to not miss the greatness that is around her every single day because she’s too busy all the time.

If it’s not okay for her, then it can’t be okay for me either.

So in truth, even though I find myself more busy than I would like to be sometimes, I’m actually rarely overwhelmed anymore.

I will tell you why.

I’ve learned to uphold boundaries for myself. I’ve learned my limits. And I’m so clear on the way I want my life to be that I’m protective of that life now. I’m not going to let things come between me and the life I choose for myself and my family.

So when I start to feel too busy…like I’m on the edge of overwhelm….I take some steps RIGHT AWAY to alleviate that.

My Top Tips

These are my top tips for you to try as well so you can manage and decrease
your overwhelm. I’m not saying they are easy to do, but they’re necessary if you want to not feel so damn overwhelmed and stressed all the time.

  1. Offload something immediately:
    This means getting someone else to do something that absolutely must get done (hire a housekeeper, a babysitter, ask your spouse to make dinner or order in, etc).
  2. Prioritize & Delay:
    Choose what absolutely must get done and then delay the rest. Mothers seem to struggle a lot with this one…like everything is equally important. But it’s not. You have to be realistic. Some things will have to wait.
  3. Eat more:
    Now is not the time to diet. You are doing more
    things, your body needs more energy. Even if your exercise has fallen off because you had to prioritize, you still need food for energy otherwise your body will think it’s even more stressed and make you FEEL more stressed.
  4. Double-up on your vitamins:
    Working on overdrive means we burn through our nutrient storage in our body much faster.
    So take more than you usually do. Or add ones that support your immune system…like vitamin C. Even if you aren’t sick….yet. (obviously consult with your health care provider for this one just to be sure).
  5. Vent:
    Talk to a friend about how frustrated you are, or how tired you are. Get it all out. This will literally allow some of your inner emotions to come out, and free up some energy for you to think about other things.

Of course there are other things you could (and should do) like: Incorporate some light exercise like a walk, yoga etc. Something that forces you to slow down and create some nice feel-good hormones. Talk with your partner about how you got to this place and make a plan so it doesn’t keep happening.

And lastly, when you’ve done everything else and STILL feel overwhelmed…. instead of trying to fight for things to be different, see if you can simply surrender to the idea that this is just how things are right now and that they won’t always be this way.

Just like the seasons always change, this too will change. This might be just the season you are in right now, and sometimes acceptance of how things are, makes us feel more calm.

As one final note, there is a difference between overwhelm and anxiety. If you’re not sure what the difference is, feel free to connect with me and I can help you get more clarity on what you are struggling with.

Take good care,


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